January 23, 2020

Stan Wootton is pleased to announce that we have recently started selling an industry leading smart lock ideal for Bellarine Peninsula holiday homes. Whether you are leasing out your coastal home throughout the year, or list it on apps such as Airbnb, the Igloohome mortice lock is the ideal smart lock, providing a secure, easy to use solution for both you and your visitors.

This Airbnb integrated lock allows you to set pin codes for guests that expire after the end of their stay, you can generate one-time codes when not at the property, send them through the Airbnb app, and then set the code to expire after the end of their stay. Another advantage of these smart locks is that unlike other models, they don’t need to be connected to WiFi to operate.

Check out a video of their full range of locks below:

Ultimate convenience for you and your guests

An Igloohome smart lock offers property owners, guests, cleaners and more a keyless solution, giving you seamless entry to the property, while still keeping it as secure as possible. Or for those with multiple entry points to their property, the Igloohome coded key safe is a fantastic option, allowing you to provide guests with easy access to the property, without having to install multiple smart locks.

With the app you will have a complete record of all access logs and can synchronize the calendar with your Airbnb app, so you are always aware of who currently has access to the property.

Stan Wootton Locksmiths can supply and install the range, including the Mortice lock that was featured in the recent season of The Block.

Igloohome’s full range of smart locks allow Bellarine Peninsula holiday home owners to rent out their home with full confidence in security, and with ultimate convenience, even if their in another city!

For more information on our Igloohome smart locks get in contact with our team, or visit us in store to find out more.