Trophy plates are a great way to add a final, personalised touch to any trophy. Stan Wootton Locksmiths offers a huge range of plates in different colours, shapes and sizes to complement any trophy.

Rather than engraving directly onto the trophy, a plate allows you to customise and personalise the trophy further. Ideal for any type of award, from a sports club best-and-fairest to corporate events or industry awards nights, we offer trophy engraving plates in a variety of plate and lettering colour combinations.

*Please note the first colour listed is the plate background and the second is the lettering.

Standard anodised aluminium – 0.5mm

Available in mirror gold/silver, mirror silver/silver
– recommended indoor use

Laser aluminium – 0.5mm

Available in brush gold/black, brush silver/black
gloss & matte black/silver
gloss black/gold, gloss white/silver
marble blue/silver, marble black/silver
– recommended indoor use

Outdoor UV-treated aluminium – 1.2mm 

Available in black/silver (0.5mm also available), red/silver, dark blue/silver
– recommended indoor or outdoor use

Engravers brass – 0.5mm

Available in bright gold/black (1.0mm also available)
gloss black/gold
– recommended indoor use

Stainless steel – 0.7mm (thicker on request)

Available in brush or shiny silver/black
– recommend outdoor or indoor use

Laser plastics (indoor) – 1.3mm or 0.5mm

Available in brush & mirror gold/black, brush & mirror silver/black
white/black, black/white, white/red, red/white, blue/white
Or range of special order colours available.
– recommend indoor use

Laser plastics (outdoor) – 1.5mm

Available in white/black, black/white, red/white, blue/white, yellow/black
Or range of special order colours available.
– recommend outdoor or indoor use

Laser acrylic – 3mm, 5mm or 10mm

Available in clear, red, white, blue
Or large range of special order colours available.
Note: colours other than clear are mostly used for shape-cutting ie. Cake toppers, sign letters etc.

Laser hardwood – 3mm or 6mm

Available in maple, walnut, red oak, cherry
– recommend indoor use

Our engraved trophy plates are cut to your specifications, up to a maximum of 300mm x 600mm.

Stan Wootton Locksmiths are familiar with creating special order products, so please don’t hesitate to contact us to request a custom order for your club trophy or corporate plaque.

Please note gallery images are provided as a sample only. Please contact us or view our supplier catalogues for our full range of custom trophy plates.

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