Often used in commercial applications, restricted keying is a long-standing method of key control. It ensures all keys for the client can only be cut in one place and only with the authorisation of those in control.

Special restricted barrels are installed into the locks, along with the use of restricted keys that match their profile. These items can only be supplied by Master Locksmiths and unauthorised duplication of these items is illegal.

Security benefits of restricted keying

Once the barrels are installed, the client specifies how many keys they require. These keys are individually numbered and a record is kept by the locksmith. The customer files a signature record with the locksmith to be used when duplicate keys are required. Requests for duplicate keys must be in writing and accompanied by matching signatures from the record of the client.

Restricted key systems are designed to be incompatible with picking techniques, which is a common problem with many standard key systems.

As cases of burglary and theft become more prevalent, the need for secure key systems that protect homes and businesses naturally increase. Stan Wootton Locksmiths are the experts in Geelong restricted keying, with a comprehensive history of helping keep local businesses safe and secure.

A restricted key system will give you the peace of mind knowing that your keys are secure, and that your are protected from base-level security breaches. This way you can go back to doing what you do best!

If you are looking for restricted keying in Geelong to give your business an increasingly necessary added level of security then contact us today.