Master keying is used when a client requires more than one key to operate a lock. It’s an effective way to grant access to areas of varying security levels, without personnel carrying several keys. At Stan Wootton Locksmiths we focus on providing a reliable and effective master keying service in Geelong for now and the future.

An apartment building is the perfect example for master keying. Each tenant has one key that opens their apartment. Every tenant key also opens the main foyer door. The owner of the complex, along with emergency services, might also have a master key to open all doors in the building. It’s a more cost-effective set up than giving each tenant two keys and giving emergency services separate keys for each apartment.

Master keying can be performed across most key profiles and is frequently used in conjunction with restricted profiles for added security.

Master keying allows you to efficiently keep track of where keys are at any given time, and who is in possession of them. Unauthorised key cutting in Geelong can be a problem for businesses but the master key system helps prevent unauthorised copies, providing your home or business with an added level of security.

Master key systems

Stan Wootton Locksmiths provides a master-keyed lock service that allows you to have ongoing confidence that your home or business has the best possible security system in place. We are a specialised dealer of a patented restricted master key profile system known as Secure6.

Secure6 is highly compatible with Australian commercial locks, and in most cases will already be compatible with existing cylinders. This innovative service is flexible and will be just as effective in the future as it is now.

Contact us 24 hours a day for a secure and reliable master keying service in Geelong and surrounding areas.