December 19, 2019

As experienced Geelong locksmiths, we want people to safely secure their homes before heading off on summer holidays.

After all, the last thing you want to do when you’re meant to be relaxing with loved ones is stress about your house and its contents. That’s a waste of a good holiday vibe.

Stan Wootton’s team of Geelong locksmiths urges you to follow some simple tips to secure your home before heading off over Christmas and the New Year. These tips include:

  • Make sure you keep track of all your spare keys. You can do this by using a mechanical key hider box;
  • Check that all window and door locks are working. If you think any are faulty, give our team a call;
  • If you plan to rent out your home in your absence, ask us about the best key lock-box options available;
  • Triple check that you’ve locked everything before leaving your home. Don’t forget the garage and garden shed;
  • Ensure you have updated the code for any smart locks or safes;
  • And talk to us about our great range of Wi-Fi operated security cameras, which allow you to keep a close eye on your home while you’re away.

You home is your castle. You’ve worked hard for it and it’s full of your precious possessions and memories. So keep it safe with quality locks and security measures so you can relax and enjoy your holiday.

For more information, contact Stan Wootton Locksmiths today. We’re trusted Geelong locksmiths and we are here to help.