May 29, 2022

By choosing the right door hardware Torquay home owners can increase style and safety levels at their property.

Door hardware is important. When people walk to your front door, you want your hardware selection to make a good impression. And while Stan Wootton Locksmiths can help you “dress” your door, our handles and related products can also play a key role when it comes to security.

As experienced locksmiths, we provide a quality range of door hardware Torquay clients can trust to provide a welcome blanket of security to their home.

We believe quality products are the way to go. If a thief tries to break into your home through a door, you want to know your locks and hinges are strong enough to withstand their attack. The devices need to be well designed and up to the job.

Boost security

Our door hardware includes:

  • Panic bolts, which you can fit vertically to the bottom or top of your door for added security. They are simple to use, with a bolt sliding vertically to lock in place;
  • Door closers, which can be fitted to a wide range of doors to ensure they close automatically;
  • High security chains and anchors, blocker plates and cover plates;
  • Wide range of stylish, strong door handles;
  • And deadlocks, which are locking devices that you can lock with a key from inside the door. Without the correct key you cannot open the door from either side. But we advise people not to activate their deadlock when they are at home. This is a precaution in case they need to evacuate in an emergency.

Investing in quality door hardware in Torquay is a sensible way to keep your home, loved ones and possessions safe.

Our experienced and friendly team has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to ways you can boost security with quality door hardware at your Torquay home. Please contact us today for more information.