March 30, 2022

With the addition of quality CCTV Torquay residents are able to lift their home security level even higher.

CCTV, which stands for Closed-Circuit Television, and security cameras give you a chance to monitor what’s happening at your property. Whether you’re at the office or away on holidays, you’ll be able to keep an eagle eye on exactly what’s going on back home.

Depending on where your cameras are positioned, the network can give you valuable exterior and interior footage of your property.

This means, if burglars or trespassers target your home, y0u’ll have high-quality vision of them breaking the law. This can be extremely valuable to police as they work to bring the criminals to justice.

At Stan Wootton Locksmiths, we are passionate about delivering excellent security products to our clients. We are happy to supply clients with security cameras and CCTV for Torquay homes and businesses. Our expert staff can also provide practical advice about suitable set-up options as well as installation tips.

Boost protection

While our CCTV and security cameras are proven performers from reputable manufacturers, they are just part of the security equation. Homeowners can also boost protection by:

  • Ensuring they have quality locks for their external windows and doors, including the garage. But it’s not enough to have the locks – you have to actually use them;
  • Installing motion-activated lights around the exterior of your home;
  • And keeping shrubbery and trees near the house well trimmed to reduce hiding places for potential criminals.

Often the sight of  CCTV and security cameras will be enough to deter would-be criminals from breaking into your home. They will hopefully decide it’s too risky and avoid your address. But if they do attempt to cause trouble, your cameras are ready to catch them in the act.

When it comes to CCTV Torquay clients will appreciate our products and our advice. At Stan Wootton Locksmiths, we can help you find security cameras that fit your budget and your need.

Your home is your castle, so protect it – and its occupants – to a high level. Please contact the friendly and experienced team at Stan Wootton Locksmiths to learn more.