December 28, 2018

Whether you own a house or business or manage a government premises, you want to have a say on who enters your premises.

And that’s where Geelong electronic locking systems offering strict access control can be a great solution.

So what is access control? Put simply, it is when doors and windows are locked electronically by means of either hard wired or stand alone components, allowing only authorised people entry or exit.

This means owners and managers can control who enters or departs their building, and can swiftly make changes to who is on the “access” list to a specific area or across an entire building or site.

This technology – with entry gained through a code, proximity cards, fobs or electronic key – makes it possible to know exactly who has used, or tried to use, a specific door and when.

Access control is a versatile choice for many organisations. It gives authorised people including gardeners and cleaners access to a building and is a real asset for people renting out homes on platforms including Air BnB.

You’ll also see Geelong electronic locking systems in hospitals, police stations and other government buildings across the region, while commercial outfits including banks also rely on this handy technology to keep staff and property safe.

So what choices are there when it comes to Geelong electronic locking systems?

At Stan Wootton Locksmiths, we divide them into two groups – hard wired and stand alone.

Hardwired systems, which use mains power, usually have a magnetic lock or electric strike on the frame of the door for access. The actual lock is commonly a mechanical  operation.

Stand alone systems rely on battery-operated locks rather than mains power and are great for buildings where owners can’t, or don’t want to, install cables.

If you would like to know more about Geelong electronic locking systems, contact our experienced team at Stan Wootton Locksmiths. We are experts when it comes to key and lock technology and we are here to help. Please ask about our comprehensive range of key services today.