April 16, 2018

It’s surprising how many people think that your local car dealership is the only place to replace lost car keys. While your dealer can complete the work, they are required to complete the task using factory defined methods which can involve simply replacing expensive parts. Newer model vehicles contain more advanced immobiliser systems which can mean higher costs if you have lost your car keys. Using the dealership method, Your vehicle may have the engine control unit (ECU) replaced completely just to provide new keys. This method is costly and is made more inconvenient considering you would need to have the car towed to the dealer in the first place.

“How do I get new keys for my car?”

At Stan Wootton Locksmiths Geelong, we offer a full on-site service where we supply new keys for the majority of modern cars. Our range of aftermarket keys enables us to perform key cutting and programming at a fraction of the cost of OEM keys. Contact us via phone, email or social media for a quote on keys for your specific vehicle.

“What is the procedure for supplying my keys?”

There are two main procedures for programming keys to vehicles in an “all keys lost” scenario – Diagnostic and eeprom. In both methods, we provide the mechanical key in the same manner as early model vehicles, enabling entry to the car and turning the ignition. Depending on your vehicle, we then use one of the above methods to program keys and/or remotes to the vehicle.

Diagnostic programming involves plugging into the vehicle using diagnostic equipment and “teaching” the new keys to the vehicle. This is the most common way to program car keys. Eeprom reading is a more involved procedure and is required for some vehicles that do not support diagnostic programming. This method requires us to remove the ECU/immobiliser from the vehicle, electronically reset it and program new keys before re-installing it in the vehicle. Both of these methods are far cheaper than just replacing the ECU/immobiliser.

Whether you’ve lost all keys for your car, or just need a spare key in case of emergencies, Stan Wootton Locksmiths is here to help with a range of options for most vehicles in the market. Contact us on 5221 8988 for a free quote