August 8, 2017

Home & Business Security in Geelong

It’s no secret that crime is on the rise in the Geelong, Bellarine and Surfcoast areas. Making sure your house is fully secured is as important as ever and must be carried out by qualified Locksmiths for the right advice and professional installation.

Locks for your house

Locking your house is a necessity to keep your family and belongings safe, but how do you know if your home is secure? Every home is different and will have multiple entry points. A fully secured house should have deadlocks on all openable doors, key operated window locks, deadlocking security doors and deadlocking patio bolts on sliding doors. Keying alike is always an advantage – one key for all doors to reduce the number of keys that are carried by owners.

Locks for your business

Choosing the correct locks for your business should follow the same rules as domestic locking, but with consideration for building codes and fire standards which MUST be adhered to in commercial applications. A range of commercial grade, high security locks are available to suit all requirements of security and fire safety.

High security keys

Restricted keying is available on all types of locking solution, increasing physical security of the lock and eliminating unauthorised duplication of keys. Restricted keys ensure peace of mind with regard to key quantities and personnel access.