November 24, 2015

Burglaries are on the rise in Geelong, and with Christmas right around the corner, it is crucial that your home doesn’t become a target.

So how do you secure your home and valuables from break ins? Outlined below are some handy tips on securing your property.

Deadlocks – You may not be aware, but deadlocks installed and correctly operated in your home are designed to do one main job; Lock someone in! That’s right, keeping the doors secured from the inside is paramount in protecting your valuables from theft and here’s why: If a thief enters your home through a weak point such as a small window, they can’t then exit through a large opening like the front door carrying large items like widescreen TV’s and the like. Deadlocks should be fitted to all external doors for maximum security.

Spare Keys – Did you know that most burglaries today involve spare keys for homes, cars and businesses being taken for future break ins? Keeping your spare keys on a hook or in a bowl by the front door is extremely convenient but also extremely risky. Imagine being broken into – not a great situation – only to then find you need to re-key the house, call your boss and tell him the business keys are missing, re-key your partner’s car and start walking everywhere because your car became the get away vehicle. All because the spare keys were conveniently located next to the front door, which was deadlocked, but useless when the thief had the keys in his hand. All keys and remotes – garage & automotive should be kept in a secure container, such as a code operated home safe or lock box. This will ensure that if someone does enter your property, they won’t find it easy to leave with your valuables, vehicles or be able to return and burgle you again.

Lock Your Mailbox РIdentity theft is a growing concern world wide. Criminals are now targeting mail boxes in Geelong and surrounding areas, taking important documents, replacement debit cards and even utility bills!  All in the hope of opening a credit card, phone plan or other forms of credit in your name. Even a basic lock on your mailbox can be enough to deter an opportunistic thief from stealing your mail, although high security locks are now available to stop the more organised and determined criminal. Empty your mail daily or have someone do it for you while on holiday to reduce the risk of important items being stolen.

Taking simple steps to ensure valuable items are secured properly will not only reduce the risk of a break in, but more importantly reduce the severity of the situation if it does occur.